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  • Diversity & Inclusion

    It's our aim to create a workplace where all employees feel welcomed and valued as a member of the Tolko family.

    True. Trusted. Tolko.

    Diversity and Inclusion: What Makes Tolko Truly Great

    There are thousands of people working at Tolko with thousands of different life stories – this variety is what makes our workforce unique and valued. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a natural extension of the family values on which Tolko is founded. It's our aim to create a workplace where all employees feel welcomed and valued as a member of the Tolko family.

    As a leader in forest products, we have a responsibility for diversity and inclusion, not only to our company but also to our industry. That’s why we've made it a part of our business strategy. And though we're making progress, we recognize there is always further to go and more milestones to achieve.

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    Leading by Example

    It's through the continued support and guidance of leaders that our values shape our company. Our executive is dedicated to not only creating a diverse, inclusive environment in our company but taking a leadership role to encourage diversity throughout Canada. In 2017, Tolko’s CEO, Brad Thorlakson, demonstrated our commitment to leadership in gender diversity by signing the Minerva Foundation Pledge.


    We’re honoured to be selected as members of the National Steering Committee for Gender Equity in Canada’s Forest Sector – the first of its kind in Canada. Together with others in the forestry sector, we will steer the development of a national action plan to increase gender diversity.

    Putting Strategy Into Action

    It starts with a pledge, but it can't stop there: a strategy without execution is only a dream. One of the ways we link strategy to action is through our Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee. This working committee includes employees from diverse backgrounds, ages, genders, locations, and levels of responsibility.

    Support and Training

    We are proud to offer a variety of training programs that provide employees with opportunities to learn how they can contribute to a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

    Making a True Difference

    Together, we will continue to nurture and celebrate diversity. And as our understanding grows, we will create an even stronger workplace culture that continues to have a positive impact in our communities.

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